Thursday, 17 October 2013

Vinyl Feature: Don McLean - Homeless Brother

Front of cover

Released in October 1978 by folk singer Don Mclean Homeless Brother was the fifth of twenty albums spanning a career of more than forty years. This was not his most commercially successful album only making it to 120th place on the US Billboard 200 at the time, however it is pure Don Mclean at his absolute best with the great folk style and fantastic vocals that he is known for.

The quality of the recording and the vinyl pressing is outstanding as well and sounds so real it's almost as if he is sitting in the room and performing for us personally. Very engaging!

Back of cover

The album cover features some beautiful artwork by Marcote which sets the theme for the music before you have even removed the vinyl from the cover. More art, a cool photo and credits are inside the gatefold, while on the back of the cover is a photograph of Don Mclean as well as the track listing.

Inside open gatefold

Record sleeve

The record sleeve has the lyrics printed on both sides as well as a photograph of Don Mclean and his dog standing on some railway tracks in keeping with the theme of the painting on the front of the cover and the third song on the first side of the album. A very nice touch showing his attention to detail I think.

Track listing:

Side 1
Winter Has Me in Its Grip
La La Love You
Homeless Brother
Sunshine Life for Me (Sail Away Raymond)
The Legend of Andrew McCrew

Side 2
Wonderful Baby
You Have Lived
Great Big Man
Tangled (Like a Spider in Her Hair)
Crying in the Chapel
Did You Know

All in all a very good album and well worth purchasing... if you can find it. I found mine online at Record Palace.

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