Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Vinyl Feature: Rod Steward - Blondes have more fun

"Blondes have more fun" was Rod Stewards 9th album and went on to sell over 14 000 000 copies with the song "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" being the big hit single off the album. It was released on the 24th of November 1978.

My copy was manufactured in Sweden under the Warner Bros. Records label.

The front cover has the title "Blondes have more fun" and then a contradictory photograph of Rod Steward hugging a woman who is most decidedly not blonde. However on the back cover is the question "...or do they?" while Rod is now hugging a blonde woman. Artistic statement?

The inside of the gate fold features a portrait of the man himself which I am sure caused many a teenage girls heart to swoon back in 1978, but the hairstyle would just make them giggle today and probably not in a good way! ;-)

There are portraits of the rest of the artists that perform on the album, credits and the ever present track list.


Side 1
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Dirty Weekend
Ain't Love A Bitch
The Best Days Of My Life
Is That The Thanks I Get?

Side 2
Attractive Female Wanted
Blondes (Have More Fun)
Last Summer
Standin' In The Shadows Of Love
Scarred And Scared

I picked up this copy for the miserly sum of 5 Swedish Krona which in US money is about $0.77, and the vinyl is in VG+ condition!

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