Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Vinyl Feature: The Best Of Peter, Paul and Mary

I haven't had an album featured on Vinyl Philosophy so far that has so little information available about it on-line. While there is lots of info available about all of Peter, Paul and Mary's other albums, this particular one seems a little lacking in information.

There was another compilation album released by them with almost the same name but the track list is different, the cover photo is different, and the series number is different. It was called "The Best of Peter, Paul and Mary: Ten Years Together" and was released in 1970, the catalogue number is WS 2552, which I assume means it came out after this version which has an earlier catalogue number.

If anybody has more complete info, like exactly when and where it was released, please let me know together with your references if possible and I will update this page to reflect that information.

The cover has a very nice picture of the threesome posing gangster style next to a period car and dressed the part complete with gangster hats and the ominous musical instrument cases that hint at concealed semi automatic weapons! The photographer was Barry Feinstein and Ed Thrasher provided art direction.

The album was produced by Warner Brothers Records and the catalogue number on the front cover is WS 1683.

The back cover has the obligatory track listing as well as a cool informal portrait of Peter, Paul and Mary looking like they are sharing a fun moment.

There is a little advertising by Warner Brothers records at the bottom with a list of other albums produced by the trio.


Side 1
Blowin' In The Wind
Don't Think Twice
Early In The Morning
This Land Is Your Land
For Lovin' Me
If I Had A Hammer

Side 2
Lemon Tree
Puff, The Magic Dragon
The Cruel War
Betty And Dupree
Go Tell It On The Mountain
500 Miles

*update* I found out it was released in 1967

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  1. Australian release in 1967, by Seven Arts Inc a subsidiary of Warner Brothers. Cheers, Matt :)