Monday, 4 November 2013

Vinyl Feature: Les Paul and Mary Ford - Hits of Les and Mary

Les Paul and Mary Ford were a husband and wife hit singing duo during the fifties who sold over six million records. This album was a collection of hits and was released in 1960 under the Capitol Records label as a "mono high fidelity" LP that the producers said could be played on both mono and stereo equipment and they further promised on the back cover that "It cannot become obsolete."! Little did they know what a roller coaster vinyl records would embark on, becoming "obsolete" when CD's were introduced and then staging a strong comeback several years later.

The back cover has the track list and a short history of Les Paul and Mary Ford calling them "Mr. and Mrs. Music" during their short career together.

Apparently Les Paul pioneered the use of overdubbing and using special recorded effects in the recording studio, so his influence on the music industry was not only in the field of music.

The inner sleeve has a description of the high fidelity qualities of the album, as well as some tips on playback and care of your recording contained within the sleeve.

Apart from the obvious wear and tear on the cover and sleeve the vinyl itself is in really wonderful condition and the playback is just wonderfully clean, with rich full clear sound that has the live quality to it that only vinyl playback can give.

...and just in case anybody is wondering about it. Yes, this is the same Les Paul that the famous guitar is named after!

Track list:

Side 1
1 The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
2 I'm A Fool To Care
3 Lover
4 I Really Don't Want To Know
5 The Carioca
6 Bye Bye Blues

Side 2
1 How High The Moon
2 Mockin' Bird Hill
3 Josephine
4 I'm Sitting On Top Of The World
5 Whispering
6 Vaya Con Dios

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