Friday, 14 March 2014

Vinyl Feature: Rod Stewart - A Night On The Town

Released in June 1976 A Night On The Town is one of my favourite Rod Stewart albums. It was his seventh album and sold very well for him worldwide.

The album was released under the Riva Records label in the UK, and under the Warner Brothers label in the USA. My copy is the Warner Brothers version.

The cover features artwork by Mike Bryan on the front that was a copy of Renoir's painting "Bal du moulin de la Galette" with Rod Stewart painted in the centre of the party crowd wearing appropriate costume for the period.

The rear cover has a portrait photograph by photographer David Steen of Rod Stewart in the same costume as the painting on the front cover.

The track listing on the back cover interestingly separates the sides by calling them "Slow Side" and "Fast Side" referring of course to the tempo of the songs on each side.

The inner protective sleeve has song lyrics on one side, and a track listing as well as credits on the other side.


Track listing:

Side one
Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright)
The First Cut Is the Deepest
Fool for You
The Killing of Georgie (Part I and II)

Side two
The Balltrap
Pretty Flamingo
Big Bayou
The Wild Side of Life
Trade Winds

I picked up this excellent copy at the local Red Cross charity shop for a meagre 10 krona (Swedish).

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