Saturday, 8 February 2014

Vinyl Feature: Andreas Vollenweider - Down to the Moon

Andreas Vollenweider is a Swiss musician whose main instrument of choice is a self designed electrified harp. His music is dreamy and kinda surreal in a fairytale fantasy land sort of way, quite beautiful and in the right setting can be almost spiritual. It can roughly be described as World and New Age, occasionally Jazz, and even on occasions Classical.

Down To The Moon was released in 1986 and was Vollenweiders fifth studio album.

I purchased this copy at a local second hand store in Landskrona Sweden for a mere 5kr which is about US$0.77 and it is in quite good shape with only a slight hint of surface noise during the blank lead-in on side 1.

Track listing

Side 1
Down To The Moon
Moon Dance
Steam Forest
Water Moon
Night Fire Dance

Side 2
Quiet Observer
Silver Wheel
Drown in Pale Light
The Secret, The Candle and Love
Hush - Patience at Bamboo Forest
Three Silver Ladies Dance
La Lune et L'enfant

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  1. Aun conservo este Vinyl, adorable música.