Saturday, 22 February 2014

Vinyl Feature: Cat Stevens - Greatest Hits

Cat Stevens music had a profound impact in the 70's during his short career before spectacularly cutting it short with his conversion to Islam and devoting himself to various charities and non-profits. I for one am a big fan and have always loved his music and the beautiful message contained in the meaningful lyrics. My children have been similarly affected and you can often hear one of them belting out Wild World, or some other Cat Stevens hit, in the kitchen.

This then is a compilation of some of the best of the songs from Cat Stevens and worthy of the title of Greatest Hits.

This compilation album was released in June 1975 under the A&M label and is guaranteed to bring back those nostalgic memories of a different, and somehow more innocent, world.

Except for the last two songs on side 2 all the songs were written by Cat Stevens.

This album was released in his preconversion, more hippyfied days and so has very groovy marijuana leaf motifs in the corners on the back of the cover. It also has over-sized printing for the track list so that people could still read it after indulging in the weed and weren't able to see too well anymore... at least that is my theory and I am sticking to it! B^)

Track listing

Side 1
Wild World
Oh Very Young
Can't Keep It In
Hard Headed Woman
Two Fine People

Side 2
Peace Train
Father and Son
Morning Has Broken
Another Saturday Night

This was another 5 Swedish Kroner bargain from the local second hand store.

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