Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Vinyl Feature: Shakin' Stevens - Shaky

Shaky was Shakin' Stevens only number one selling UK album and did well for him world wide and it also spawned three top ten hit singles.

The album was released in 1981 and has a very "rock 'n roll" sound, going against the grain of the rest of the early eighties popular music style with music that sounds like it could have come straight from the 50's.

Shaky was released under the Epic label.

Shakin' Stevens features on the cover in a very period pink jacket and black shirt and trousers. Even the hairstyle screams rock 'n roll! It worked out well for him, so we have to conclude that his marketing was effective. After all, he was the UK's best selling singles artist during the 80's with 33 top ten hits. Long live Rock 'n Roll!


More of the same round the back =>

...and the inner protective sleeve with a cool photo and credits on one side, and lyrics on the other:


Track listing

Side one
Mona Lisa
You Drive Me Crazy
I'm Knockin'
It's Raining
Don't She Look Good
Green Door
Don't Bug Me Baby

Side two
Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
This Time
Baby You're a Child
Don't Turn Your Back
Let Me Show You How
I'm Lookin'

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