Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Vinyl Feature: David Bowie - Tonight

Tonight is David Bowie's sixteenth studio album and was released in 1984. I picked this up in mint condition from my new favourite second hand store, which is in Landskrona, for their normal price of 5kr. They have a large selection of LP's available and most Sundays there is a large gathering of vinyl diggers searching for some PVC magic.

The album did really well for Bowie and achieved several gold and platinum sales world wide. Despite this Bowie himself apparently never really liked the album...

The cover art is a very striking work of art that deserves to be displayed on my wall once I get around to purchasing some LP cover wall frames. I don't know who the artist was so if anyone can let me know I will update this post to give credit where credit is due.

Apparently Iggy Pop helped quite a bit in the studio as well as having written the songs Tonight and Neighborhood Threat.

The artwork continues on the back of the album cover.

The album boasts "Direct Metal Mastering" (DMM) and went under the EMI America label. My copy was manufactured in Holland.

I even like the inner protective sleeve!


Track listing

Side one
Loving the Alien
Don't Look Down
God Only Knows

Side two
Neighborhood Threat
Blue Jean
Tumble and Twirl
I Keep Forgettin'
Dancing with the Big Boys

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