Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Vinyl Feature: Eurythmics - Revenge

Revenge by the Eurythmics was their fifth studio album and was a great success for them world wide achieving gold and platinum sales in many countries. It was released on the 30th June 1986 and the song Missionary Man was awarded a Grammy the same year.

The album is a nice blend of pop/rock and new wave music that defined the Eurythmics sound in the mid 80's.

The eye catching artwork on the cover was the product of artist Eric Scott and features cats eyes on Annie Lennox and a cloth badge sewn onto David A. Stewart's jacket bearing the album's title.

Revenge was released under the RCA Records label.

The back of the cover is rather plain and doesn't distract from the impact of the stunning artwork of the front. It includes (of course) the track list.

The inner record sleeve has artwork that tastefully ties in to the outer cover and includes the song lyrics.


Track listing

Side 1
Missionary Man
Thorn in My Side
When Tomorrow Comes
The Last Time
The Miracle of Love

Side 2
Let's Go!
Take Your Pain Away
A Little of You
In This Town
I Remember You

I picked this up in a local second hand store for a meagre 5kr.

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