Saturday 1 February 2014

Vinyl Feature: Cass Elliot - Cass Elliot

This album was released in February 1972 after being recorded in 1971 and was simply titled "Cass Elliot" as Cass Elliot tried to shed the title of "Mama Cass" that she had gained while a member of The Mamma's and The Pappa's. It was her sixth solo album and she apparently had free reign as to song choice so she tried for a subdued and sophisticated sound.

The album however was not a great success and rightfully so as it sounds a bit too subdued to me and lacks the spirited edge of Cass Elliot's other albums. Never-the-less it makes a good collectors piece for me.

I really like the photo on the cover which was shot by George Hurrell and harks back to the old fashioned Hollywood style of the 30's.

The album was released under the RCA Records label.

The old Hollywood movie theme continues on the back and ties in nicely with the rest of the gate-fold cover.

When opened the inside of the gate-fold cover has the song lyrics and has been made to look like the back of standing photograph frames.

Track listing

Side 1
I'll Be Home
Baby I'm Yours
Jesus Was a Cross Maker
That Song
When It Doesn't Work Out

Side 2
I'll Be There
Disney Girls
I Think It's Going to Rain Today
Cherries Jubilee
All in the Game

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