Saturday, 5 April 2014

Vinyl Feature: Phil Collins - But Seriously

The fourth studio album by Phil Collins was released on the 24th of November 1989 by Virgin Records in the UK and Ireland and Atlantic Records across the Atlantic in the US and Canada.

But Seriously turned out to be the best selling album in the UK in 1990 as well as topping the charts around the World. The first song on side 2, "Another Day In Paradise", also won the Record of the Year award at the 33rd Grammy awards.

But Seriously also had five singles that had chart success in many countries. These were: "Another Day in Paradise", "I Wish It Would Rain Down",
"Do You Remember?", "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven" and "Hang in Long Enough".

But Seriously is still Phil Collins most successful album and led to the Seriously Live! tour which spanned 113 concerts on 3 continents and also led to a live album and video called Serious Hits... Live!

The front cover is a simple close-up portrait of Phil Collins while the rear of the cover is simple black with some credits and the song list.

The album was largely considered as reflective of Phil Collins maturity and has messages both political and personal.

The song "I Wish It Would Rain Down" also featured a contribution by Eric Clapton.

The inner protective sleeve has lyrics, credits and photographs:


Track List:

Side 1
Hang in Long Enough
That's Just the Way It Is
Find a Way to My Heart
Father to Son

Side 2
Another Day in Paradise
All of My Life
Something Happened on the Way to Heaven
Do You Remember?
I Wish It Would Rain Down

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