Sunday 11 May 2014

Vinyl Feature: Roger Whittaker - New world in the morning

This copy of Roger Whittaker's "New world in the morning" is a bit of a mystery to me because all on-line sources, including Wikipedia, have it listed as being released in 1971 under the EMI record label. However the copy I purchased this morning from Larssons Lager in Landskrona clearly says it was released under the Phillips record label in 1974. I assume this was some kind of a re-release but it is unusual to have the record label change from one release to the other...

Either way the track listing appears to be the same, and the recording quality on my 1974 edition is absolutely first class so you will not hear any complaints from me!

New world in the morning contains all my favourite Roger Whittaker songs like "The Last Farewell", "Streets of London", "From both sides now" and "Morning please don't come". It was released during the height of his popularity and was a kind of greatest hits album.

For some reason the front and back covers are almost identical with only the track listing and credits setting the two apart.

Track listing:

Side 1
Candy Cloud
A Special Kind of Man
No Blade of Grass
Morning Please Don't Come
New World in the Morning

Side 2
My Kind
The Last Farewell
From Both Sides Now
Streets of London
He Starts Below

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