Friday 23 May 2014

Vinyl Feature: Lead Belly 2 - Storyville Blues Anthology vol. 12

This Lead Belly compilation album was released in Denmark in 1963 and was number 12 in the Storyville Blues Anthology. It is titled Lead Belly 2, and of course that means that there was a previous Lead Belly release in the same series, it was number 7 and I hope to find a copy of it some day.

I am a Lead Belly (and old time blues) fan so when I found this copy I was very thrilled, and the music certainly doesn't disappoint and contains some of his best recordings faithfully reproduced. I am a happy vinyl fan right now!

On the back is a short history of Lead Belly's rather colourful life as well as a critique of his songs from this album.

My copy is in G+ condition but faithfully retains the sound of the original recordings which were made between 1939 and 1946. I think that keeps it faithful to the sound of the 30's and 40's rather than the "remastered" copies of these old recordings that people release on CD these days and which sound sterile and soulless. At least to me.


Side 1
T.B. Blues
Good Night Irene
The Boll Weevil
Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No Mo' / Go Down Old Hannah
Frankie And Albert 1-2
Fannin Street
John Henry

Side 2
Ain't You Glad
Man Going Round Taking Names
The Bourgeois Blues
Looky Looky Yonder / Black Betty/ On A Monday
Poor Howard / Green Corn
The Gallis Pole
De Kalb Blues

All in all I feel like I discovered a hidden treasure and now I have it all to myself!

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