Monday 12 May 2014

Vinyl Feature: Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing

Shadow Dancing by Andy Gibb was released in April 1978 in the USA and only in September 1978 in the UK. Why? I have no idea...

I am not a great Andy Gibb fan and never owned one of his albums before, despite being a BeeGee's fan and having a couple of their LP's. However, this LP was sitting in it's original shrink wrap in the crates at a local second hand store when I was browsing around there recently and I simply couldn't resist the chance of purchasing guaranteed mint vinyl for 5 kr. ($0.76 US)!

If I would have listened to this blind I would have said it was a BeeGee's album, it sounds almost exactly like them, but with a few voices missing here and there. Similarly the music is pleasant to listen to, not my favourite but not bad either!

This album did quite well for Andy Gibb and the song Shadow Dancing went platinum as a single. The rest of the Gibb brothers also co-wrote the title song, and Barry also contributed to many of the others, so no surprise that it has the classic BeeGees sound.

Inside the sealed album was an insert advertising Andy Gibb fan paraphernalia, so that you could order your very own Andy Gibb t-shirt, bag or poster. I'm almost tempted to send it in and see whether the order gets filled. ;-)

You could also join the Andy Gibb Fan Club for the grand sum of $5.00!

Track listing:

Side 1
Shadow Dancing
Fool For a Night
An Everlasting Love
(Our Love) Don't Throw it All Away

Side 1
One More Look at the Night
I Go For You
Good Feeling
Waiting For You

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